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Medical Evacuations

Hope is committed to saving lives around the world. 

Based in Singapore as a provider of international medical assistance, air ambulance, and bed-to-bed patient transfers, Hope Medflight began operations in 2003, and his since been to over 45 countries. 

Hope Medflight provides the following services

  • Air Ambulance Service

  • Patient escorts on commercial flights (Seated and stretcher)

  • International Medical Assistance in Asia



Air Ambulance services may be required for critically-ill patients in Asia, under such instances:

  • When a medical emergency occurs during traveling, and the facility or country that the patient is in cannot adequately treat the problem

  • A very ill patient seeks treatment in another country

  • Emergency surgery is required

  • Repatriation for patients who are unfit to travel on commercial airlines

  • Disaster occurrences (civil, natural or terrorist)

Using highly specialised jet aircrafts (and sometimes helicopters) that are equipped with a stretcher system, Hope's medevac team has 24-hour standby and operational capability. With over 13 years and thousands of cases completed, we have responded to a range of cases such as medical emergencies, major trauma, mass casualties, civil and natural disasters, and remote site emergencies. 

The air ambulances are equipped with life support systems, oxygen, monitors and emergency drugs. Emergency-trained flight physicians and paramedic/nurse escort teams will accompany and treat the patient, along with the captain and first officer steering the flight safely to destination. 


Airplane and Red Carpet


Commercial flight transfers are suitable for both seated and stretchered patients.

While commercial flight medical transfers are highly complex operations that require much coordination amongst airport security, operations and engineering, and cross-border medical teams and hospitals, Hope brings peace of mind to our patients by taking on the role as the key touchpoint across all stakeholders, and making these arrangements smooth and seamless. 


Hope works with airline companies to allow for the safe transfer of patients on such scheduled flights. With special arrangements, patients on stretchers, life support (ventilators) and oxygen tanks can travel on normal airlines. 

For semi-ambulant patients, Hope arranges for seated nurses or physician escorts, as well as caters for other neccessities like wheelchairs, portable oxygen and tarmac access. 

Commercial airline transfers provide greater cost savings than air ambulance. Long haul flights on commercial airliners may also be more time-saving due to less requirements for re-fueling stops that air ambulances require.

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